Journeys of Life Counselling Services in Fort McMurray

is a confidential service which focuses on solutions, strengths, facilitating change and coaching people through life’s transitions and challenges.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, worried, anxious, sad or depressed?

Do you feel misjudged or not valued?

Do you feel like you are taken for granted?

Do your relationships feel more like an arduous battle?

Do you feel like life just isn’t worth living – you just want to pack your bags, run away and hide?

Do you find yourself easily irritated or angered?

Do you find yourself engaging in unhealthy or self-sabotaging behaviors?

Does your life lack balance, focus, purpose or joy?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, do not worry, you are not alone.  Life can truly be difficult sometimes.  We all need supports at different times in our lives.  A lot of people seek counselling support when their current way of dealing with life’s challenges no longer works for them. With a caring, non-judgmental and solution-focused approach, we will explore your issues and challenges in a safe therapeutic environment that will allow you to learn more effective ways of managing anxiety or stress, sadness or depression, conflicts, or other challenges in your life. In this space, you find acceptance, active listening, validation, empathy and are reminded of your own strengths and worth as a person. I can help you navigate through the stress of daily life and teach you effective ways to minimize those negative emotions. I can also help you figure out what your goals are and what is standing in the way of achieving them.

Remember, your life, your choices!


Individual Counselling is aimed at helping you to cope with the ups and downs of everyday life that can cause stress, anxiety and depression.  It is a collaborative effort between you and your counselor. My goal as a therapist in Fort McMurray, is to provide an open, supportive, and confidential environment for you at my counselling office to address the issues that are concerning you.  We all need some help sometimes.

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There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, but it is certainly a reasonable expectation to have one that includes safety, security, respect, compromise, friendship, closeness, comfort, intimacy, passion and fun.  If your marriage or relationship has become a struggle, or you’re concerned it could be taking a turn for the worse, couples counselling might be your best option.  Journeys of Life Counselling Services is here to help.

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Sometimes when you and your immediate/blended/extended family members are struggling, the road ahead can seem confusing and intimidating. When you begin to reach out for help it may feel as if you are struggling to put the pieces of a puzzle together. Through family counselling at Journeys of Life Counselling Services in Fort McMurray, AB, I can  help you begin to solve that puzzle. Together, we can figure out possibilities.

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  • Very kind, compassionate, professional and understanding.

  • It was helpful and re-assuring to me, I was not in distress but needed support that I was “on the right path”, not burying my feelings.

  • Our counselor has been excellent. She was very sensitive to our needs, accurately identified our problem, asked the right questions, and gave the right feedback.

  • “The lady I talked with in person was amazing. She helped me more than she will ever know. She’s amazing. I would love to thank her for all her help. Keep up the great work and your passion for helping people is truly felt.
    You have made me a better mother and person!”

  • “Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your guidance and reassurance over the past few months. You have helped me more than you probably realize and I will be forever grateful! You are the best!”