After A While – This Too Shall Pass… Navigating Anxiety

Anxiety is a typical emotional and physiological response to feeling threatened which can affect anyone. Some of the symptoms of anxiety include: feeling on edge; racing heart; feeling tired; tearful; shaky; nervous; and sometimes full blown panic attacks; which can all be frightening, but thankfully last only a short-time & are not life threatening. We all differ in how vulnerable we feel in different situations and this can be influenced by past experiences as well as the beliefs & attitudes we hold about said situations.

Ask Yourself:-

  • Are you able to live your life meaningfully even with the anxiety?
  • What is causing you stress?
  • What do you need right now in order for you to feel better

Maybe Try The Following:-

  • where possible, try to find practical solutions to reduce sources of stress;
  • identify and challenge negative thoughts and figure out how to face the situation;
  • self-care is crucial– be kind, gentle and non-judgmental with yourself;
  • pay attention to what you need;
  • identify boundaries and start putting them in place;
  • accept what is and figure out next steps for what is possible;
  • eat healthy;
  • exercise; 
  • meditate;
  • listen to music;
  • attend yoga;
  • read a book;
  • utilize your supports;
  • take a walk; etc.

Notice how you feel in the current moment and make a conscious choice about your next action. Consider whether your next action, regardless of how small, will take you closer to or farther from your goal of living your life meaningful regardless of the anxiety.

Lastly, know when to reach out for professional supports.

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