Fees and Insurance

The standard individual counselling fee is $155.00 per 1hr session payable at the end of each session.  Please bring CASH otherwise Email Transfer is acceptable.  A receipt will be issued for you to claim reimbursement from your insurance.

Please advise me if you are unable to make a scheduled appointment at least 24 hours in advance otherwise a No Show fee of $155 will be charged to you.

Important Information Regarding Insurance Coverage

The credentials required for therapy vary by insurance company and plan. Since there are so many plans I have no way of guaranteeing what will be covered. Please call your plan to find out EXACTLY what credentials they require before attending your counselling session. Some plans will not cover Registered Social Workers. Also note how much coverage you have as the amounts vary as well.


Direct Billing

Unfortunately at this time not all insurance companies accept direct-billing from therapists.

I direct bill to Blue Cross – however, the responsibility is on the client to call customer services or speak to their administrator to ensure they have coverage for a Master of Social Work.

Otherwise I do require payment up front.