Counseling for Families

Families go through life cycle stages just like individuals, and can easily get stuck in places along the way.  Counselling helps by offering new perspectives and assisting members reconnect in ways that make sense based on what is happening in their lives.   Together we will look at the family as a system and work to build on what is currently working to help change what is not. If a family member is not functioning well it affects the family as a whole.


  • You come in as a family;
  • We go over introductions;
  • As a family you complete the Statement of Understanding;
  • We go over the Confidentiality Agreement;
  • We discuss Groundrules for effective family counselling;
  • Then I would like to hear from each of you in your own words what is happening in your relationship and what brings you to counselling. This is your opportunity to tell your story from you own perspective.  I will always ask each of you to respond to what is being said so you have equally opportunity to speak.
  • After you have all presented your issue, then we work together to identify a mutual goal for counselling.
  • Sometimes I will see family members individually for a few sessions – however it will be within the family counselling context.