My Immigration Story


I arrived in Canada in 2011, after waiting 3 years to obtain my permanent resident as Skilled Worker.  Back in Venezuela, my home town, I used to work as a general Dentist, so when I applied for the Canadian residency, my profession was one of the most demanded in Canada.



At first, my husband and I arrived in Toronto, a populated, exciting and for instances chaotic place to live.  After researching into how to obtain my license to practice dentistry, I realized it wasn’t going to be easy nor cheap. I also discovered that in Canada many options exist to be part of the dental field.


A couple of months after arriving in Canada, I started a Dental Hygiene Program in Ontario.  Every morning, while I was on the bus on my way to school I was mesmerized by the enormous diversity of people, their cultural background and their possible personal histories.


A frequent thought that crossed my mind was that despite we all came from different countries, have different beliefs and speak different languages. We all share the same dream of a better living, and are able to live respecting each other’s differences. A utopia in many countries whose citizens were sharing the train with me.


After 5 years living in this wonderful country I have nothing but gratefulness, I’ve been through many good and not so good experiences which I believe have made me stronger and more humane.


I live now in Fort McMurray, a remote city in Alberta. Again luck has struck us and we have found amazing people who makes us feel like home.


Regardless where you live, always having an open heart and a tolerant mind will attract good people and things to your life.


That’s mostly what I’ve learned from this experience.


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